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Purity in the Air by Choice

Air is a free component that can be inhaled from the atmosphere. But with rising pollution, the atmosphere is filled with harmful components that affect normal living. Allergens like dust, pollen and smoke cause various diseases infecting the respiratory system, the lungs and the heart. Bad odor and chemicals are other pollutants that keep the air infected. That is why man is constantly on the lookout for some clean, fresh air. It is also the reason for the emergence of air purifier as an important home appliance.

Common Types of Purifiers

Purifiers come in different types of sizes and shapes as well as in various colors. Each type of purifier works with different technology to help supply fresh air into the atmosphere. With needs being many, you have to choose the right type of purifier that will suit each individual.

HEPA is High Efficiency Particulate Air, which uses various filters to clean the air. HEPA uses technology that traps all particles less than 0.3 microns. This includes all particles like chemicals, viruses and bacteria. This HEPA filter has a large surface area which the air has to pass through. This helps to purify the air. As it uses surface area to clean the air passing through it, it does not create any side effects that may harm human beings.

UV Technology helps to kill germs like virus and bacteria. However it does not rid the atmosphere of airborne particles. Hence it is used as the last filter in the multi filter purifier. The UV lamp used in this filter should be carefully monitored as well as replaced whenever necessary.

Activated Carbon or charcoal technology provides porous and huge surface area to absorb dust, smoke from tobacco, bad odor and other chemical bonding. It removes all components that pass through this filter.

Negative Ion uses chemical injections to purify the air. It works on the principle of magnetically attracting micro pollutants like dust and pollen. But this technology cannot absorb harmful components present in the air.

Ozone Purifier helps to prevent growth of viruses and bacteria, but it does not clean the air from dust and pollen. However ozone purifiers do not confine to standards of public health.

Choosing an Apt Purifier

Air purifiers have various special characteristics. The speed setter helps to control the speed of the home air purifier. Choosing a purifier that fits aptly into the room should be chosen. A small room requires a small capacity purifier while a large room can use a larger purifier. As these purifiers are portable and used anywhere as they are handy, choose a purifier that can fit into all rooms. The electronic filters are monitored by special monitors which gives a signal when the filter has to be changed.

The automatic operating control helps to control the purifier automatically. The  and remote control can also be made used of to help regulate the purifier. The ultraviolet bulb and ion generators will have to be maintained properly and changed regularly.

How to Design a Kitchen in a Group Home

Residences in the community which are called group homes because they are collectively inhabited by those with developmental disabilities are meant to blend into the neighborhood as much as possible.

But, although the outward appearance of a group home gives no indication of the disabilities of those who live there, certain design features within the home are created in order to accommodate the tasks of daily living.

The kitchen in a group home, for example, is designed in the way you’d pretty much expect, with a sink and refrigerator. But there are still adjustments which have to be made in the design of a kitchen in a group home to make it as compatible as possible with those who struggle with developmental difficulties.

Locked Cabinet Space

You probably don’t have a cabinet in your kitchen which has to stay locked. The design of a kitchen in a group home, however, makes use of this locked cabinet space because certain medication has to be kept out of reach.

The design of a kitchen in a group home should also provide storage for a special log book which records the times when this medication is taken and when the time comes to replace the supply of it.

Easily Accessed Space

One of the goals of the group home is to encourage independent living for those with developmental disabilities. This goal plays into the way the kitchen in a group home is designed.

For example, if a man is encouraged to get his own dinner plate, then these plates have to be stored within easy reach. Shelves can be lowered to accommodate him. Separate storage for those in wheel chairs can also be part of the design of a group home kitchen.

This idea also applies to designing a kitchen in a group home with a handicapped stove, for example, which is made lower so that those in wheel chairs can help with cooking.

Workshop Space

Part of the daily experience for group home residents is to attend a workshop where they can learn unique skills and have other social activities.

For this reason, the design of a kitchen in a group home has to consider space for those items needed for this workshop. These items can include lunch boxes, portable nutritional drinks, plastic spoons, and other handicapped eating utensils.

In sum, the outward appearance of a group home gives no indication of the developmental disabilities of those who live there.

Even the design of the kitchen in a group home is fairly typical, with adjustments being made to accommodate the special needs of these people.

Features of a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier has a major part to play in keeping your home free of mildew and mould that start to harvest if there is excess moisture content present in the environment of your home. It plays the part of getting rid of this excess moisture and keeps the temperature dry and comfortable for those inside the house. When choosing the right type of device for your needs, there are a few factors that need to be considered. You can also choose a dehumidifier that has specific features that will make the device more compatible to your needs.

Does the size of the water tank matter?

Yes, in fact the size of the buckets or tanks that is used to collect the moisture that is being extracted from the atmosphere is important. In very rare cases, water from the device is directly connected to the drain while in most cases it is emptied into a tank. When it comes to using this device, you need not worry about spills as they come with a feature known as auto-feature that is used to prevent the overflow of water. You can also determine the size of the water tank based on the pints. If you are on the lookout for a device that you not want to empty often, pick one that has a bigger tank size.

Additional Features that make it Useful

Though most devices come with an auto-shut feature, it is best to check it to avoid water tank spills. If you are economic about the amount of energy that the tank takes, the Energy Star rating will give you a clear idea about its efficiency. It may also come with a econo setting. A device that has a humidity setting or hygrometer or humidistat will also be great additional features that you will find to be useful over the run. Depending on your need, you can turn the device up or down and you can also have an alternative installation if a drain connection kit is provided.

Multifunction Unit

If you are looking for more than just a dehumidifier, like an air conditioning unit, it is best to choose a multifunction unit that serves both the purpose rather than buying individual units. It not only saves place but also saves a lot of energy. Their price may be a little above the rest, but it is worth the buy since you are able to get more features and functions by paying just a little more.

Use a hygrometer to measure and monitor the humidity level in your surroundings. Depending on the humidity level you can choose to lower or increase the function of your device. A reading from the hygrometer that indicates more than 45 percentages indicates that the moisture content is high while a reading below 35 percentages indicates that the content is low. Depending on this reading, you can monitor the moisture level and also keep your environment pest-free.

The Best Juicer for You

A juicer has become an essential part of any kitchen. A freshly pressed drink is a welcome sign at any home and buying juicers helps to make the process simpler and more efficient.

Types of Juicers Available In the Market

There are two major types of juicers that are available in the market. They are as follows:

Slow Type: The slow type is also commonly called as masticating type which operates it two steps. It first crushes the fruits or vegetables and then presses them to extract the juice which yields high volume. As they don’t produce much heat, the nutrient content of the extract is kept intact and is little pricier than the other type.

Centrifugal Type: This type is the traditional form of machine that uses spinning metal blades to crush the vegetables or fruits to separate the juice by means of centrifugal force which is also the cause for its name. The major drawback with this type is that it produces an amount of heat which oxidises the nutrient content in the liquid.

Major Differences between a Slow Juicer and a Centrifugal Juicer

The slow type will be great for processing nuts to make cashew or almond milks while the centrifugal type is not that great with powdering the nuts.

The first one is quite quiet while the latter is a loud machine that is bound to wake up sleeping babies.

If you are a green juice fan, then the first is the best option as the latter does not extract much juice from the green and is less efficient comparatively.

The nutrient retention capacity of the slow model is very high and does not produce any heat that will affect the ingredients while the latter model causes some heat while spinning while will break the nutrient content.

Are you the Centrifugal Type?

You can choose to buy this type if you agree with the following points

  • You make use of the centrifugal device for baking, cooking and other process where heat also plays an essential part.
  • You are not exactly particular about taking all nutrients in the food.
  • You are short on cash or are looking to save money.

Are you the Slow Press Type?

You can choose to buy the slow press type if you are in agreement with the below points

  • You like fresh juice and are into making green juices, nut milks and cleansing.
  • You prefer to take all the nutrients present in your drink without any compromise
  • You are okay with spending a couple of bucks extra.

If you are looking for a complete juicer, the slow press type is the best option. But if you do not mind compromising on the nutrient content and are in need of a machine that serves multiple purposes, then it is best to choose the centrifugal type.

Classification of The Embroidery Machine

When it comes to the uses of the embroidery machine then there are different types of machines are available in market and each having the unique ability to create the complicated, simple, delicate and unique designs on different kind of fabrics. Basically the designs are created with the help of embroidery software.

The most common types of the designs are floral, landscape, geometric and faunal. Now a day most of the embroidery machines are operated with the help of computer software. So the designs could be downloaded from the file and the user can also edit or combined the design with the existing file. As everyone knows there these machines are used for the both commercial and industrial purpose. So when it comes to the best embroidery machine then there is types are there such as

  • Embroidery machines only
  • Combination of the sewing and embroidery machine

So above two are types of the home based machine and each types are available in with or without software. Most of the people prefer the digital machine because user can create and download the design and pattern from the internet. The computer software allows the user to customize, scan and colorizing the design and pattern. Basically the designs are transformed from home embroidery machine via memory card or USB cable. When it comes to the commercial use of the embroidery machine types then it is classified into the three types such as

  • Single head embroidery machine
  • Multi head embroidery machine
  • Specialty embroidery machine

Single head machines are used by the start up embroider and it is suitable for any size of the embroidery shop. It is having the lettering software, accessories and select stock designs.

Welcome to the World of Robot Cleaners

Robots are all set to rule the house. Starting with small appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners, they are able to all the jobs as perfectly as human beings and by using the minimum time possible.

Questions Frequently Asked by the User

Size of the Robot: A new user usually finds the robot quite strange. The first detail is the size of the robot as it is small and circular in shape. Though small in stature, these robots do their job of cleaning, very meticulously and can keep the room sparklingly clean.

Understanding Instructions: The robot is able to understand instructions through sensors which are inbuilt into the machine. These sensors determine the capacity of the machine to do their jobs. They are located on the under-side of the machine and can locate dirt, obstructions and different floor surfaces through these sensors.

Human Interference: There is no necessity for any human interference as these instructions can be fed into the machine. The machine then operates on its own. The user can also operate the machine even if he is away from the house through Smartphone or by presetting the work.

Maintenance: There is not much maintenance required for the robot as the robot is small in size and the dust bags are not very big. Hence maintenance is low.

Dust and Dirt: The machine has a dust bag to collect the dust. It uses the suction force to draw in dust and grime and to keep the place clean.

Recharge: The machine can recharge itself by going to the docking station which is the place where it is allotted and can get recharged there. If it does not have a docking station, it has a light to denote that the battery is down and it can be manually recharged. The machine can generally run for two hours without stop before its battery runs down. After recharge it can continue for another two hours.

Different Sensors Used

The robot uses different sensors to perform different functions.

Dirt Identification: The robot identifies dirt and dust so that it can collect and put them into the dust bags where it collects them. It usually recognizes fine dust, dirt, pet dander, etc.

Obstacle Detector: The robot is able to identify the obstacles in front of it and keeps away from it. Hard objects such as walls and furniture are sensed by these robots and once they sense these obstacles, they move either to the left or to the right. This is to protect them from hitting into objects as well as move in the right direction. These sensors are located at the front of the robot for easy identification.

Mapping Detector: The robot is also fed with mapping detectors by which the user can inform the robot about the places to be cleaned so that it follows instructions as given to it. The robot moves in a zigzag route or through circular movements to clean up the place. Virtual walls are also provided for the robot to identify the boundary and move away from these walls.

Clean Your Kitchen Appliances Quickly and Easily

Spring is here and that can mean only one thing. It is time to clean out that house and get it in order. Sure, the job may seem overwhelming, especially if you work full time and do not really have time to clean. However, if you take it one-step at a time, you can get it all done so you can better enjoy your home for the rest of the years.

Appliances need to be cleaned thoroughly several times a year to keep them running in good condition. Failure to maintain your appliances will mean you have to replace them sooner than you planned. Here are my spring-cleaning tips for your home appliances.

Refrigerator: Remove all items from your fridge and freezer. Remove any drawers, door shelves, and anything that will fit into the dishwasher, and put them through a wash cycle. Remove larger shelves and wash them in the sink. Using an all-purpose kitchen cleaner. Spray down the rest of the refrigerator and clean it with a sponge, or cleaning rag. After reassembling the refrigerator, place baking soda inside to keep it fresh or you can put a few charcoal briquettes in a paper cup. After the inside of the refrigerator is cleaned, pull it away from the wall and vacuum the back coils to prevent premature motor burnout.

Kitchen Appliance

Stove Top: Cleaning the stovetop can be a touch job, especially if you cook a lot. I like to take every part that will come off and put it in the dishwasher. As for loosening grease and grime, I find that dawn products work the best especially used in conjunction with Magic Eraser sponges.

Oven: Most ovens made these days are self-cleaning. This makes life very easy. Still before you set your oven to self clean you need to first remove any excess grease spills from the bottom of the oven by cleaning the quickly with a little mild dish detergent and a sponge. Failure to first remove the grease before running the running the self-cleaning cycle can result in a grease fire, which can ruin your oven or worse. You will also want to make sure that your kitchen exhaust fan is on while running the self-clean oven as it can generate a little excess smoke.

Dishwasher: First, you need to open the door can clean out the area where the door meets the bottom of the dishwasher. You should also check the bottom for large bits of food, and in my family’s case, broken pieces of glass. Next fill the dishwasher cup with bleach gel and let it run through a cleaning cycle. When that is finished, pour in a cup of vinegar and run it again to see it shine! I like to also fill the dishwasher booster cavity with vinegar for a quick freshening.

When the interior of all of your kitchen Appliances are spic and span, use car wax to clean the exterior of the appliances and make them shine like new.