Classification of The Embroidery Machine

When it comes to the uses of the embroidery machine then there are different types of machines are available in market and each having the unique ability to create the complicated, simple, delicate and unique designs on different kind of fabrics. Basically the designs are created with the help of embroidery software.

The most common types of the designs are floral, landscape, geometric and faunal. Now a day most of the embroidery machines are operated with the help of computer software. So the designs could be downloaded from the file and the user can also edit or combined the design with the existing file. As everyone knows there these machines are used for the both commercial and industrial purpose. So when it comes to the best embroidery machine then there is types are there such as

  • Embroidery machines only
  • Combination of the sewing and embroidery machine

So above two are types of the home based machine and each types are available in with or without software. Most of the people prefer the digital machine because user can create and download the design and pattern from the internet. The computer software allows the user to customize, scan and colorizing the design and pattern. Basically the designs are transformed from home embroidery machine via memory card or USB cable. When it comes to the commercial use of the embroidery machine types then it is classified into the three types such as

  • Single head embroidery machine
  • Multi head embroidery machine
  • Specialty embroidery machine

Single head machines are used by the start up embroider and it is suitable for any size of the embroidery shop. It is having the lettering software, accessories and select stock designs.