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Features of a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier has a major part to play in keeping your home free of mildew and mould that start to harvest if there is excess moisture content present in the environment of your home. It plays the part of getting rid of this excess moisture and keeps the temperature dry and comfortable for those inside the house. When choosing the right type of device for your needs, there are a few factors that need to be considered. You can also choose a dehumidifier that has specific features that will make the device more compatible to your needs.

Does the size of the water tank matter?

Yes, in fact the size of the buckets or tanks that is used to collect the moisture that is being extracted from the atmosphere is important. In very rare cases, water from the device is directly connected to the drain while in most cases it is emptied into a tank. When it comes to using this device, you need not worry about spills as they come with a feature known as auto-feature that is used to prevent the overflow of water. You can also determine the size of the water tank based on the pints. If you are on the lookout for a device that you not want to empty often, pick one that has a bigger tank size.

Additional Features that make it Useful

Though most devices come with an auto-shut feature, it is best to check it to avoid water tank spills. If you are economic about the amount of energy that the tank takes, the Energy Star rating will give you a clear idea about its efficiency. It may also come with a econo setting. A device that has a humidity setting or hygrometer or humidistat will also be great additional features that you will find to be useful over the run. Depending on your need, you can turn the device up or down and you can also have an alternative installation if a drain connection kit is provided.

Multifunction Unit

If you are looking for more than just a dehumidifier, like an air conditioning unit, it is best to choose a multifunction unit that serves both the purpose rather than buying individual units. It not only saves place but also saves a lot of energy. Their price may be a little above the rest, but it is worth the buy since you are able to get more features and functions by paying just a little more.

Use a hygrometer to measure and monitor the humidity level in your surroundings. Depending on the humidity level you can choose to lower or increase the function of your device. A reading from the hygrometer that indicates more than 45 percentages indicates that the moisture content is high while a reading below 35 percentages indicates that the content is low. Depending on this reading, you can monitor the moisture level and also keep your environment pest-free.